Sunday, February 18, 2018


Camper Trailer Tents in Brisbane & Queensland

Welcome to the best value camper trailer company in Australia, here you will find a combination of local made product mixed with a overseas manufactured product, we still have our camper trailers made local in Brisbane because we feel our manufacture (Nathan Trailers) has 35 years experience making trailers that best suit Australian roads, but to keep the value as best as possible we have gone overseas and manufactured our own tents to our own specifications, please note that not all overseas products are equal, look closely behind the scenes and you will see how our product far exceeds the quality of others, the old saying you get what you pay for, still applies today as it did when it was first said.
We fully encourage our customers to go look at all the other lower priced entry level campers, then look at ours so we can show you where our finish is of a higher standard, that’s how confident we are in our product.

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2011 deluxe 12 camper price:$6995 our price:$5495
2011 Double Annex 12
price:$7995 our price:$6295
2010 super deluxe 12 price:$7995 our price:$5995
2010 Budget Deluxe discontinuedprice $5995 our price:$3895
2009 Deluxe 7 new model price:$5995 our price:$4495
SupaWing Awning price from $1099 our price: $1099