Sunday, February 18, 2018

About Us

Camper Trailers Queensland & Camper trailer Brisbane

We at Castle campers have been manufacturing camper trailers for the past four years, from the start we chose a well known local manufacture called Nathan trailers to build our high quality trailers who have been building trailers in Brisbane for 35 years, to complete the package with our high quality trailers we have spent many hours researching useing and designing high quality canvas tents,which are manufactured by our chosen factory to our own specifications to suit our customers ever changing needs, we don’t just import tents on price like many of the cheap manufactures, we spend the extra money where others won’t and this shows in our product from the distance and up close, we go the extra mile.

We are the first to admit this hasn’t always been the case, but we made a conscious decision about two years ago that the only way forward was quality first and price second, hence only one price increase since the start, every week we find new ways to improve the product and process, so don’t be surprised when you come to collect your trailer that things have improved since you ordered, as been the case for many customers, if we think of a better way of improving the product we don’t wait, we just do it.

Please feel free to e-mail us or give us a call and we will be more than welcoming to answer your questions and quotes for our on road camper trailer & off road camper trailers.