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Camper Trailers

Camper Trailers

Welcome to our Camper trailers page, camper trailers have been around for many years now, in fact maybe longer than you think, these ideas date back hundreds of years to the early 1800′s known as the Romany people, aka the gypsies, they started using their wagons as portable homes, quickly appreciating the comforts of having a place to sleep in the dry and a place to store there belongings, things have come a long way since way back when the horse and cart ruled the roads, now we have the luxury of many horses under the bonnet of our modern sedans and 4WD’s, capable of carrying more or less everything we need in our modern day camper trailers.

Though today’s camper trailers are used more for recreation, they still provide a comfortable home on the road for our modern day campers, People who love camping with love the camper trailer experience, and can stop being jealous of other campers setting up near you as they are now affordable for everyone of us, starting from as little as $3995 with some of the budget camper trailer companies, we used to be one of those but now have moved on to higher quality units. To read more on history of Camper trailers …….

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camper trailers

Product Name: Budget Deluxe 12 camper trailer

Road deluxe budget12 camper from    $3895

Semi off road budget 12 camper from  $4395


camper trailers

Product Name: Deluxe 12 camper trailer

Road 2011 deluxe 12 camper from       $5495

Off road deluxe 12 camper from       $5995



camper trailersProduct Name: Super Deluxe 12 camper trailer

Road 2010 super deluxe, tropical roof $5995

Off road super, tropical roof        $6495



camper trailers

Product Name: 2011 Deluxe 12 double annex camper trailer

Road 2010 delux 12 double annex        $6295

Off road deluxe 12 double annex  $6795




camper trailersProduct Name: 2010 Deluxe 7 camper

Road 2010 delux 7 camper from        $4495

Semi off road deluxe 7 camper from  $4995




camper trailersProduct Name: Supa wing

SupaWing, awning 2.1 metre          $1099
SupaWing, awning 2.5 metre          $1199
SupaWing, awning 3.0 metre          $1299
SupaWing, awning 3.5 metre          $1349