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This camper has been very popular over the last year and is an excellent tent, but there is always room for improvement, over the last few years we have been adding new features and functions to make the product even better, also we even improved the trailer with a full automotive seal (replaceable) around the tailgate only normally found on extreme off road trailers costing upwards of $15,000, also LED submersible trailer lights, Al-ko premium big foot drop down legs, Al-Ko premium heavy duty jockey wheels, Queen inner spring mattress (brought locally not imported with tent) All these luxury premium add on’s are now standard on our deluxe campers at no extra cost, that’s why we are fast becoming the leaders in the low cost high quality camper trailer industry.

What to look for when choosing a Camper trailer

I have seen many campers at show’s over the years and in any industry you can’t help yourself but look at other competitors in your market place, and see some interesting signs (or marketing Bulls##t as i call it) some claim there trailers semi off road, what we call semi off road is a off road is a off road trailer with no off road hitch, not a low road trailer with little 14″ wheels, anyway this one show we had our (road) camper trailer side by side next to one of these so called models and many customer commented how much higher ours was compared to there”s, this is some of the problems i find with this industry there has been many people jumped on the bandwagon of making campers, with china making so many tents available to the market and anyone can make a trailer right (NOT) and they don’t seem to really care how they design or make them, see the funny thing is this particular camper i am referring too, all there tents are made to the same height, so guess what when you setup the tent it will be all ruffled up on the floor, i mean how could you sell something this way, its like selling some one a pair of size 10 shoes when there only a size 8, so my advise is don’t listen to the sales guy’s as there only there to sell to you, and they will sell you anything with no shame, so do your research (to death if you have to) because once you’ve brought it it’s to late, when they say its built around the corner, what they may mean is it comes out of the container and get assembled around the corner, it seems from what we here some dealers are not telling the whole truth when it come’s to where the made, i don’t see why you have to hide where somethings made, if it’s made in china then be transparent and tell the customer, there is some high quality coming out of china but you have to pay for it, and because most importer’s aren’t willing to go the extra mile on quality against cost, sometimes you can always see the quality issues, and its not always about the main structure of the trailers it’s the little things you don’t notice until you start using it, a few customers who have visited us recently have mentioned they’ve done some research on some camper trailer companies they were looking at on the net, and found there was a few horror stories out there, and im not saying we have the perfect product, as over the years it hasn’t been as good as it is today but the difference is when we had problems we treated our customers with respect and fixed there problems under warranty (it’s called customer service) and it seems some of these companies don’t have any or don’t understand it, maybe that’s why there’s no bad stories about our company out there that we know of.

Words from Daren Young (director) Thanks for reading.
New features for 2012,

1. Ripstop canvas, 2. Main tent rubber floor raised 100mm, 3. Annex roof detachable with zip, 4. Annex walls in three pieces (more choice of the way you set up), 5. Stronger poles, 6. heavier zips on windows, 7. Sunshades from annex window covers, 8. Heavier transport cover, attached with zip & Velcro (fully sealed), 9. New alloy channel joining canvas and transport cover around bed base, 10. heavy duty 600gsm main floor, 11. heavy duty 450gsm annex floor, 12. rear door, 13. zip & Velcro across back for optional room, 14. rear window awning behind bed, 15. inside window’s on main room, 16. zip access on drop down floor, 17. air vents on drop down floor.

Deluxe 12 camper fully setup          

2 years warranty (find that on another imported tent)                 
The deluxe 12 camper trailer comes complete with all front wall’s and heavy vinyl floor in the annex (most cheap campers have tarp style floor like a $50 dome tent) which Velcro’s in and folds up inside the walls so you have a wet floor system (no water flowing in if your in a hollow in the ground), the front wall’s can be separated into 3 sections, so you have a wide choice of setup’s to suite your needs, also the annex roof can be removed if needed, all windows are large and have mesh screens fitted, on the inside windows of the main tent all window’s are provided with inside window’s as well as outside so you have many options (leave the outside windows as awnings and just zip up the inside at night), one of the big feature’s is our door system, you may notice that our door roll upwards instead of sideways, also our doors have canvas overlapping the zip so the stormy weather doesn’t come through the zip like many other campers.

Standard All Road Trailer                      2 Years Warranty
This photo show’s our standard all road trailer, although its far from standard in the world of trailers, it’s built to the same heavy duty standards as our off road camper trailer and site near the same height (so the tent set’s up nice) but it doesn’t have the heavier axle, springs, wider guards and land cruiser hubs/wheels/tyres. So the chassis is the same 50x50mm and draw bar is still 1800mm long 75x50mm, deep sides of 500mm and standard has one Jerry can and 4.5kg gas bottle holder, also come with a swing tailgate for the option of a kitchen if you need

Optional Kitchens (not standard)
Starting from $450 Photo showing our super deluxe kitchen optioned with 2 burners, grill, sink and locking cupboard doors price is $1449, $1249 with out  2 locking cupboards

Water tank filler with locking cap (optional not standard)
Photo showing our locking filler neck, painted fabricated box, supplied with water tank option $400,also available extra outside tap a $60 optional extra,click on photo for larger image & slide show