Sunday, February 18, 2018

Optional Extras

Camper Trailer Kitchen

camper trailer kitchenProduct name:

Basic camper trailer Kitchen

This is optional on top of basic camper price comes with basic kitchen box and sink, tap only comes with water tank option $399


camper trailer kitchenProduct Name:

Deluxe camper trailer kitchen

Deluxe kitchen is our most popular option of out kitchens, comes fully loaded, sink, 2 burner 1 grill junior lido cooker, foldaway dish drainer, towel rail, foldaway table extension. $1249


camper trailer kitchen
Product Name:

Super deluxe camper trailer kitchen

Super Deluxe kitchen same as the deluxe kitchen above with optional locking kitchen cupboards. $1449


Product Name: 

Large checker plate storage box & Pole carriers

Large storage box on draw bar is our most popular       $399
Pole holder,colour coded & fitted $100 each


Product Name:

Water tank & outside tap
Water tank option 85 liters, includes locking filler neck, pump tap, plumbing, fabricated box hiding pipe work,

tap is fitted in kitchen next to sink if kitchen is taken as an option       $400
Extra outside tap  $60


Product Name:

Stone guard

Stone guard, made from round bar, welded and bent to lean forward,

bending also backwards to deflect stones away from vehicle.         $399