Sunday, February 18, 2018




This camper is a brand new design for 2010 season, this has beed redesigned from top to bottom, there has been 30 new improvements as listed below, some customers was asking for doors in the middle rather than the end like our popular deluxe camper, so we went in search for the best possible quality tent with that style, one of the new revolution designs is the duel roof system, where there is two roofs over the main tent which will make it a lot cooler and warmer in summer and winter, camp like a king, move into a super deluxe camper today.
New features for 2009/10
1. Ripstop canvas, 2. Main tent rubber floor raised 100mm, 3. Double roof system, 4. Annex walls in three pieces (more choice in the way you set up), 5. Stonger poles, 6. heavier zips on windows, 7. Sunshades from annex window covers, 8. Heavier transport cover, attched with zip & velcro (fully sealed), 9. New alloy channel joining canvas and transport cover around bed base, 10. Stronger finer mesh on windows, 11. Heavier main floor, 12. Back door added (3 doors altogether), 13. Big zip in annex window, 14. Tailgate cover velcro in, 15. Pole pockets double strength, 16. Bed base frame stronger, 17. Heavier ropes, 18. Window flaps on sleeping area, 19. Rubber reinforced D rings on main floor, 20. Sun roof above main bed, 21. Pvc around matress and pole hinge, 22. Two clear windows in main tent, 23. D rings replaced with heavy elastic, 24. Mesh window in main tent roof for better ventalation, 25. Rear tent roof pulls away for ventalation, 26. Tent roof can be completely removed, 27. Zips added for easier connection of poles, 28. Heavier annex floor, 29. heavier mud flaps on annex, 30. Inside window on bedroom.

Super Deluxe closed at full setup final setup camp like a king
Heavy duty road trailer
Delux rear view fully set up
Deluxe fully set
  Fully set up with windows closed on awning.
Super Deluxe main bedroom  Show some features like awnin bedroom, click to see a better view
Super Deluxe in new earthy colour   Full set up showing some new features, click to view large image.